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High Reliable Care Requires Skilled Staff

JCI experts collaborate with you to deliver tailored programs that are applicable to your environment and help shape your journey toward zero harm. Interactive educational sessions, workshops, and online tools led by JCI experts can help you progress to zero harm by fostering a patient-centric safety culture. Invest in your leaders and their teams to develop such safety culture that is essential to high reliability transformation.

JCI experts are nationally recognized speakers, educators, coaches, and mentors on all critical components of a highly reliable health care organization. Transformation is not easy and will take time, but so do most things that are truly worth it. We can help you with a series of training programs that are practical to enhance your staff skills.

RPI Training Program

JCI can help health care organizations establish self-sustaining process improvement programs where new RPI practitioners can be developed as needed over time. Expert faculty designed the course content that includes:

  • Training and coaching to build a self-sustaining program
  • Structured training waves for Green Belts and Change Leaders
  • Support in selecting high-impact training projects
  • Leadership mentoring for project sponsors and process owners
  • Certification for RPI Green Belts and Change Leaders
  • Advanced RPI certification
  • Coaching and mentoring on high reliability leadership

Facilitating Change Workshop

Equip your team with the tools they need for success from a two-day virtual workshop aimed at helping attendees achieve strategic and operational goals, and tackle complex, multifactorial issues in today's changing health care environment.

Yellow Belt Certification Training Program

For High Reliability Organizations, quality and safety are the responsibility of every employee. Arming your staff with highly effective ways to solve problems gives them some of what they need to exercise that responsibility.

The Yellow Belt certification program spreads basic RPI skills quickly and effectively among all your employee groups.


*The use of Joint Commission International (JCI) advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission International Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.