Measure, Assess, and Improve Your Performance

JCI standards serve as the foundation of an evaluation process that can help health care organizations like yours measure, assess, and improve performance.

It’s our goal to develop standards that promote quality and ensure patient safety. JCI standards set clear expectations for organizations that are reasonable, achievable, and measurable. The standards are developed and organized around important functions common to all health care organizations.

JCI develops standards with input and information from:

  • Health care organizations.
  • Subject matter experts.
  • Scientific literature and industry guidelines.
  • JCI Standards Advisory Panel.
  • Other key stakeholders.

To maintain leading practices, JCI turns to its international Standards Advisory Panel, composed of experienced physicians, nurses, administrators, and public-policy experts. The panel informs the development and revision of all JCI accreditation standards. The panel’s recommendations are refined based on an international field review of the standards and input from experts and others with relevant content knowledge.