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Leader in Patient Safety and Advocacy

We lead the international health care field in addressing key patient safety issues and inspiring action to improve quality and safety.

JCI is the leading accreditor that develops evidence-based standards essential to providing safe, high-quality care serving as the basis of an objective evaluation process that can help organizations measure, assess, and improve performance. accredits and certifies across the continuum of care, including flexible and varied certifications for any disease, condition, or procedure.

We envision a future where all people always experience the safest, highest quality health care across all settings. Our extensive global reach gives us insights and a unique perspective in the delivery of care throughout the world.

IEEA Recognition

JCI is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA) for the following:

Accredited Surveyor Training Program 2023-2027

         Accredited Organization      2023-2027

         Accredited Standards        2022-2026

The IEEA provides third-party external evaluation services to health and social care external evaluation organizations and standards developing bodies around the globe. IEEA accreditation provides assurance that the standards, training, and processes used by JCI meet the highest international benchmarks for accrediting bodies.

Benefits of Working with Us

Achieving The Gold Seal of Approval® demonstrates an organization's commitment to providing continuous quality and safe care for the patients and communities they serve.

JCI’s commitment to high quality patient care and safety are at the forefront of what we represent to provide comprehensive and inclusive programs that are anchored to data and key performance indicators. This allows you to generate and interpret meaningful data and drive sustainable improvements.

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Trusted Guidance from a Trusted Resource

JCI works with thousands of organizations globally, and offers a sustainable framework for health care quality improvement, patient safety, and satisfaction.
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Evidence Based Standards

JCI shapes best practices and establishes the most rigorous standards to raise the bar on performance.
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Online Solutions

Our innovative solutions are designed to help you identify risks to build a targeted improvement path and sustain JCI standards compliance to ensure accreditation readiness.
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Collaborative, Solutions-Driven Survey

Collaborate with a cadre of highly experienced experts who engage with staff, clinicians, and leadership at all levels of your organization and proactively share best practices and provide hands on learning opportunities.
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Staff Recruitment and Retention

JCI helps you attract the best team members who prefer to serve in a workplace committed to health care quality.
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Competitive Advantage

Connect your organization with like-minded health care organizations around the world and facilitate knowledge-sharing and best practices while distinguishing and strengthening the perception of your brand’s quality in the market.