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Joint Commission International Accreditation

JCI is the recognized global leader in health care accreditation. We provide an objective assessment of quality achievement and patient care and safety. With JCI as your partner you will benefit from our decades of expertise.
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With JCI as your partner, you are choosing to commit to excellence across the spectrum of care that may elevate your organization into the global elite.

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From overnight stays to outpatient services, in-home care to laboratories, patients benefit from a provider's dedication to excellence across the continuum of care.

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Certifying your clinical program or specialty center with The Gold Seal of Approval® from JCI validates excellence in the care you deliver to defined patient populations and demonstrates that your program is committed to upholding additional compliance and safety standards.

Expert Advisory Services

Whether you need help with managing quality and patient safety processes, meeting the demands of ever-changing regulations, keeping your focus on continuous improvement, or preparing for your accreditation survey, we’re here to help.

Our expert consultants are solely dedicated to serving health care providers, who are trained in Robust Process Improvement® techniques that integrate change management tools and a blended Lean Six Sigma approach. They know how to work with health care leaders and clinical staff to make lasting changes.

We approach every engagement on a personal level by offering customized advice and responding to local challenges.

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Accreditation Preparation

Our team of experienced clinicians and executive administrators have helped hundreds of JCI-accredited organizations with on-site survey preparation, including trainings and interventions.
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Quality Management and Patient Safety

The Quality Management and Patient Safety Program encompasses a suite of practical, evidence-based courses that can be tailored to address your unique objectives.
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Infection Prevention & Control

Our experts can provide you with tools, techniques, and education you need to build and sustain a comprehensive and effective infection prevention and control program.
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Medication Management

A comprehensive and effective medication management program is an essential component to patient safety. Our team of JCI experts can help your organization minimize risk and prevent adverse events.
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Facilities Management

JCI's expert team integrates facility design and engineering with clinical safety and quality to create physical environments that foster safety, quality, and operational effectiveness.
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Emergency Management

JCI’s emergency management advisory services ensure that your organization will be prepared to respond, recover, and manage any emergency situations while sustaining readiness.
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Create Effective Policies

An effective and results-oriented policy structure strengthens an organization’s culture, guides staff behaviors, and fosters the delivery of effective, high-quality patient care.
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Industry Services

Our team of health care industry experts can develop education and training tailor-made to your organization’s needs, from hospital-acquired infections to care transitions and more.

*The use of Joint Commission International (JCI) advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission International Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.

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High reliability means consistent excellence in quality and safety across all services maintained over long periods of time.

Using evidence-based practices and through studying features of industries that have achieved high reliability, JCI helps health care organizations through foundational frameworks, data-driven assessments, and education to help leaders empower workforce to sustain a high reliability in their delivery of care.

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Our innovative online solutions are designed to support health care leaders advance quality and patient safety in their organizations. They can help you identify risks to build a targeted improvement path or sustain JCI standards compliance to ensure accreditation readiness.

Our Publications Library

Whatever your health care setting or professional area of interest, we offer a variety of topics. From standards manuals and survey process guides to e-books and periodicals, we offer a one-stop shop for learning.
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Books and E-books

We offer an array of books and e-books on health care quality, patient safety, infection prevention and control, health care facility management and safety, patient flow management, and more.
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Our standards manuals contain easy-to-understand language and are simple to reference. They clearly communicate how you may pursue or maintain accreditation and certification needs.
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The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to providing health professionals with the information they need to promote the quality and safety of health care.
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Hospitals, government ministries, health systems, and universities are eager to work with JCI to help address their unique and diverse learning needs related to quality, safety, and regulatory compliance. When you work with us, we will collaborate to understand your organization’s learning goals and create a custom curriculum that will be delivered in your preferred format (onsite or online).