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Whether your organization is committing to accreditation for the first time or is already accredited, JCI Tracers with AMP can help you take the next leap forward in becoming a high reliability organization.

Simplify the JCI accreditation readiness process

Tracers with AMP is a proven online platform that is designed to help your organization establish continuous JCI Accreditation readiness and operational excellence, through the efficient collection, analysis, and visualization of patient safety and quality data.

Understand your data

With Tracer’s built-in data analytics and business intelligence tools you can eliminate hours of manually manipulating data by utilizing our interactive dashboards and easy-to-build automated reports.

Build collaboration within your teams

Bring your clinical and operations teams together by implementing a single platform for patient safety projects and accreditation readiness.

JCI Tracers with AMP’s Unique Advantages

JCI Electronic Standards

Access an electronic version of the JCI Standards that is automatically updated and assess your organization’s compliance.

Tracer Library

A library with hundreds tracer templates linked to measurable elements that are customizable to fit your organization’s needs.

JCI Data Integration

Ability to combine data from multiple sources, including data collected through the tool and SAFER® Matrix data via web-based platform and mobile apps.

Workflow Automation

Standardize your tracer collection workflow and data analysis across your sites and system.

JCI Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence platform (Illuminate Analytics) which allows for real-time data analysis with compelling visualizations.


Access to Clinical Advisors who are clinicians with a deep understanding of Joint Commission International standards, tracer methodology, and clinical workflows.

What to Expect

Your organization can benefit from having a singular source of truth for accreditation, patient safety, and compliance data all in one place.

  • A secure web-based and mobile (iOS and Android) platform which allows your organization to collect data, create customizable tracer tools, leverage interactive dashboards, and automate reports
  • The ability to assess ongoing accreditation compliance, proactively identify risk areas, and facilitate data-driven decisions
  • A platform that is versatile and can be leveraged for non-accreditation-related quality and patient safety projects
  • Standardize processes and automate workflows across multiple teams and/or departments
  • Foster collaboration and a culture of quality and patient safety