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Accreditation Preparation

Health care leaders and staff will receive a firm foundation in JCI standards, the survey process, a culture of patient safety, and how to improve patient care. On-site and remote assistance is available from consultants trained in Robust Process Improvement® techniques. Remember, accreditation is a continuous journey and you are not alone. Below are a few of our targeted advisory services.

Baseline Assessment

JCI consultants conduct an on-site baseline assessment of your organization’s readiness for accreditation. This in-depth review compares your current services and processes to JCI standards and identifies areas where improvements need to be made. Just because your organization meets the standards of other regulatory agencies does not mean that you are JCI ready!

Mock Survey

Some organizations choose to participate in a mock survey. A mock survey usually occurs six months prior to your accreditation survey and may serve as the final checkpoint in readiness. JCI consultants simulate the actual survey process and identify gaps in standards compliance. This intensive exercise is an ideal opportunity to engage senior leaders and prepare staff for the actual survey.

Focused Improvement Support

Before or after the mock survey, JCI consultants can provide pinpoint support in high-priority areas where you are struggling with compliance. A custom agenda is developed using a combination of mini-lectures, work groups, hands-on training, and focused tracers to identify practical solutions.

Tracer Methodology Education Program

Understand more about this unique JCI tool where your staff will learn how to trace patients, ask the right questions, and identify breakdowns in care. This intensive, hands-on program is ideal for hospitals or health systems requiring instruction in tracer techniques and how to benefit from tracer findings.

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The experts at JCI are always available to help you identify and select those advisory services that will be most beneficial to you and assist with your organization's most challenging needs.

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*The use of Joint Commission International (JCI) advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission International Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.