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To make the best of your accreditation, continuously improving the health of your organization is critical. To do so, you should continue refining processes and implementing improvements.

Organizations that achieve JCI accreditation often appreciate that the initial survey is only the first step. It’s essential to sustain identified changes and continue the journey toward ongoing improvement by:

  • Continuing to track key performance indicators.
  • Monitoring standards compliance.
  • Improving metrics.
  • Providing continuous education opportunities for your entire staff.

Stay Up-To-Date with JCI Direct Connect

JCI requires accredited organizations to become reaccredited every three years. However, once the initial accreditation is complete, the foundation is set, and reaccreditation is a much simpler process. Track your key performance indicators and continue to improve these metrics. Stay current with the latest standards by checking JCI Direct Connect for the most recent accreditation manual and survey process guide.

Maintain Continuous Compliance

Establish continuous JCI accreditation readiness and operational excellence with our transformative web-based digital platform.

Tracers with AMP® provides you with customizable tracer tools, interactive dashboards, and easy-to-build automated reports to help your organization efficiently collect, analyze, and visualize real-time data.

This secure platform enables you to:

  • Maintain continuous compliance
  • Facilitate data-driven decisions
  • Establish operational excellence and efficiencies
  • Enhance patient safety and quality communication system-wide

Tracers with AMP can help you take the next leap forward in becoming a high reliability organization.

Share Your Success

Your organization now belongs to a select community of accredited health care providers dedicated to providing the highest quality care. Sharing your successes is one of the best ways to help others striving for excellence.

Patients everywhere can find your organization listed in the JCI Accredited Organizations database.

Participate in JCI's success story program by sharing your organization's accreditation journey.

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