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The knowledge you gain during this stage will help you prepare for the journey ahead, make the rest of the process seem easier and drive better outcomes in the long run.

Accreditation Across the Care Continuum

JCI accreditation can be earned by many types of health care organizations. Learn more about JCI accreditation by organization type.

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Educate Your Staff

The accreditation process is a big commitment for you and your team. Determine what type of education your staff will need by considering this list of questions:

  • How does information about accreditation fit into daily operations for both clinical and nonclinical staff?
  • Do current staff see ongoing information on the standards as necessary to successfully carry out their responsibilities?
  • Do specific disciplines, departments, or units need different information about accreditation?
  • How are materials or presentations tailored to specific disciplines or departments or units?
  • Have enough individuals in the organization been designated as accreditation “experts” so that staff members can easily find answers to their questions and receive information as they carry out their duties?
  • Are there measurable goals in some of the normal staff responsibilities that are carried out regularly? Examples of this might be patient education, incident reporting, fall prevention, and needle sticks. Education using outcome data can show progress in standards compliance.
  • Are new staff members assessed for their need for information on accreditation?
  • Have staff members been asked what types of information they want or need about accreditation?

Familiarize Yourself With the Process

Become familiar with JCI’s accreditation standards, fundamentals, and requirements of the accreditation process.

Review the accreditation manual and survey process guide (SPG) for your health care setting type to learn about the standards and prepare for an accreditation survey.

Leverage our Standards Interpretation Group to help your team understand the accreditation standards.
Prior to moving to the preparation stage, review the suggested timeline for the accreditation process leading to the survey.