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The Benefits of JCI Enterprise Accreditation

Joint Commission International (JCI) Enterprise Accreditation (e.g., multi-facility healthcare systems) evaluates system-wide governance, policies and procedures and their implementation across individual facilities. Enterprise is an additional level of JCI accreditation awarded to eligible health care organizations.

Organizations that seek this accreditation own multiple locations and want to foster a culture of continuous improvement by promoting leading practices and processes. They also enable seamless coordination and communication across individual facilities.

Achieving this accreditation not only signals an organization’s commitment to patient safety and quality, but also the loyalty of its staff, patients, and other key stakeholders. Additionally, it promotes information transparency because it allows for benchmarking on key quality metrics and data-driven insights.

Key benefits include:

  • An additional level of formal recognition based on enterprise-wide excellence and brand differentiation
  • An assurance that all facilities within your enterprise meet the same standards of patient care
  • An enhanced and objectively validated performance reliability
  • Enhanced financial and operational efficiencies through streamlined and reduced redundant survey processes
  • Enterprise-based benchmarking
  • Increased credibility and visibility

How Enterprise Accreditation Works

Each organization that achieves Enterprise Accreditation still needs to be surveyed and maintain its accreditation at the International Health Care Organization (IHCO) ID level.

An enterprise-level designation is based on enterprise-focused standards and is above and beyond each individual facility’s accreditation.

During the survey for Enterprise Accreditation, JCI focuses on system-wide alignment areas that apply to all IHCOs accredited by the JCI. These areas include:

  • Governance and leadership
  • Human resource coordination
  • Quality performance improvement
  • System alignment

A survey report identifies areas where the enterprise isn’t compliant and which require corrective action through the Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) process.

Getting Started

The JCI team is available to help you get started and answer any questions you might have about this program.

*All facilities considered under the JCI Enterprise Accreditation program are required to be individually accredited and maintain the accreditation status.