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Pathway to JCI Accreditation for Hospitals

Your partner in accreditation success

Join the elite group of over 1,000 organizations that have achieved Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and earned the Gold Seal of Approval® in quality and patient safety. Achieving JCI accreditation can have a profound impact on your performance, culture, image, and business operations.

1,000+ Accredited

100+ Countries
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Organize your activities. Monitor your progress.
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Joint Commission International Quality Approval

A proven pathway to accreditation

Here are 10 steps that hospitals and academic medical centers typically follow toward accreditation success.
Average duration 18-24 months.

Step 1 Start-up

Become familiar with JCI's accreditation standards and survey process

Duration: 2-3 months
A male doctor with glasses gazing off image while contemplating.

Step 2 Plan

Conduct gap analysis and build action plan

Duration: 2-3 months
Business men in a meeting wearing keffiyeh and/or suits

Step 3 Process

Update policies and procedures

Duration: 2 months
Female in pink scrubs looking at a whiteboard of checklists

Step 4 Focus

Target improvements where needed

Duration: 2-3 months
Close up of the face of a male medical practitioner looking into a microscope

Step 5 Fix

Work with staff to overcome obstacles

Duration: 2-3 months
Group brainstorming in front of mobile whiteboard

Step 6 Readiness

Assess your readiness at the midpoint

Duration: 2-3 months
Female in center focus in business attire attentive at a meeting

Step 7 Training

Continue training for sustainable changes

Duration: 2-3 months
A doctor in scrubs assessing patient in a keffiyeh

Step 8 Monitor and Adjust

Evaluate and refine processes

Duration: 2-3 months
Doctor monitoring vitals on screens overhead

Step 9 Mock

Use a mock survey to assess your readiness

Duration: 2-3 months
Group of medical professionals in a stairway with clipboards listening to a main doctor speak

Step 10 Final

Make final modifications

Duration: 6-7 months
Group of medical staff smiling while discussing documentation