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Why Choose JCI for Academic Medical Center Accreditation

When you choose JCI as your accreditation partner, you benefit from our decades of expertise. More than 1,000 health care organizations in over 70 countries have achieved the Gold Seal of Approval as JCI-accredited organizations. With JCI as your partner, you are choosing to commit to excellence across the spectrum of care that may elevate your organization into the global elite.

Achieving JCI Accreditation may:

  • Reduce variability and minimize patient safety risks
  • Improve clinical and operational processes and build staff competencies and knowledge of leading practices
  • Connect your organization with like-minded health care organizations around the world and facilitate knowledge-sharing and best practices
  • Enable differentiation in a competitive health care environment and improve your ability to attract patients
  • Strengthen your community’s confidence and make a strong statement about your efforts to provide the highest quality services
  • Attract, secure, and retain the best talent who are committed to delivering quality care and patient safety

JCI is uniquely positioned to help academic medical centers through our evidence-based standards by providing the roadmap to building essential processes to achieve performance excellence.

Is My Hospital an Academic Medical Center?

In addition to the eligibility requirements for JCI-accredited hospitals, academic medical centers must meet additional criteria:

  • The applicant hospital is organizationally or administratively integrated with a medical school.
  • The applicant hospital is the principal site for the education of both medical students (undergraduates) and postgraduate medical specialty trainees (for example, residents or interns) from the medical school noted in criterion one.
  • At the time of application, the applicant hospital is conducting medical research with approval and oversight by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) or research ethics committee.

Expertise You Can Depend On

JCI surveyors are clinical and administrative professionals with vast experience in multiple settings. They speak 21 different languages and hail from 6 continents and bring their vast experience and expertise to your academic medical center. JCI’s accreditation process concentrates on operational systems critical to the safety and quality of patient care. A key component of our customer’s positive experience relies on a consistent survey process executed by expert surveyors, with experience in a variety of academic medical center specialties.

Enabling Better Decisions with Unparalleled Tools

We support you with a robust, patient-centric survey which is anchored to data and measurability:

  • The SAFER Matrix  identifies and helps prioritize performance improvement efforts on areas with the highest risk of potential adverse outcomes.
  • JCI’s unique tracer methodology reviews how an academic medical center delivers care to the patient, helping to mitigate risks before they can become costly problems. Tracers engage both patients and staff, allowing organizations to show how they meet the standards beyond policies and procedures.

  • Medical professional education
  • Human subjects research programs
  • Access to care and continuity of services
  • Assessment and care of patients
  • Anesthesia and surgical care
  • Medication management
  • Patient/ family rights and education
  • Quality improvement and patient safety
  • Prevention and control of infections
  • Governance and leadership
  • Facility management and safety
  • Staff qualifications and education
  • Management of information

  • Supervision of medical students and trainees
  • Roles of clinical teaching staff
  • Oversight of research program
  • Research ethics committee/Institutional Review Board oversight
  • Protection of human subjects
  • Provision of high-risk services and care
  • Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Radiology/diagnostic imaging services
  • Laboratory services
  • Program for quality improvement and patient safety
  • Supply chain management
  • Safety of care environment
  • Health care practitioner privileging and credentialing
  • Management of contracts
  • Confidentiality and security of patient information

How Do You Begin?

Introducing the Pathway to JCI Accreditation. This easy-to-navigate resource outlines the five major steps health care organizations typically follow in their pursuit of accreditation. The milestones outlined within each step help your team organize activities and monitor progress throughout your accreditation preparation efforts.

JCI Frequently Scored Standards

Joint Commission International regularly aggregates standards compliance data to identify areas that result in the highest number of frequently scored standards in accredited organizations. This data helps organizations recognize these trends and proactively prepare policies and practices around these challenging standards.

Click below to view the top ten most frequently scored JCI standards and measurable elements for Hospitals and Academic Medical Centers (AMC), based on survey findings conducted in 2022.