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Report a Patient Safety Event

Do you have a patient safety event or concern about a JCI accredited health care organization?

JCI will address all complaints that relate to issues within the scope of the international standards to determine whether they raise any credible suggestion of failure to comply with standards. 

JCI does not address billing/insurance issues, payment/financial disputes, labor disputes, case management concerns, act on behalf of an individual, nor weigh in on any legal matters/disputes. We have no jurisdiction on matters pertaining to the hiring or termination of employees. JCI does not have authority over translators or interpreters on staff.  We also have no influence of confirmation of course completion or references for job applications.  

In addition, JCI does not assess specific care of an individual patient; thus, we are unable to tell you if appropriate medical care was provided or instruct an organization how to treat a patient.

JCI does not review complaints of any kind for non JCI-accredited organizations.

How do you report a safety event?

Email the following information:

Location Where the Concern or Event Occurred (required)

  • Full Name of Organization
  • Organization’s Full Street Address
  • City, Country

Description of Concern or Event (required)

  • Date of Concern or Event Occurrence
  • Brief narrative in English, if possible, describing incident (limit 3 pages or 15,000 characters)
  • Please do not include medical record information.

By policy, The Joint Commission cannot accept copies of medical records, photos or billing invoices and other related personal information. These documents will be shredded upon receipt.

What can you do about concerns that JCI cannot help with?

  • You may want to talk to the organization about your concern.
  • The Ministry of Health may be able to help.