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Mahyar Sadeghi

Mahyar Sadeghi, DDS, MS, MBA

Director of Medical Affairs
International Surveyor, Joint Commission International


Mahyar Sadeghi implements different strategies in order to address ever-increasing workforce needs.

Working on manpower surge planning


“At the start of the pandemic, our hospital activated our emergency/disaster preparedness program. As our COVID-19 case numbers increased, it became obvious and necessary that we create a multi-layer surge plan that activated various medical staff responses levels, when needed. My team and I were able to work with different departments, including Human Resources, in order to restructure our medical staff workforce using credentialed skill sets and potential cross training/cross discipline capabilities.”


“Our surge plan included on-boarding of temporary and volunteer medical staff requiring cooperation with external authorities and our licensing regulatory body. The nationally declared emergency disaster status served as our foundation to streamline processes for licensing and privileging.” 


“At this point, our surge plan is fully activated, and the team and I are working 24/7 to ensure all shifts are covered with qualified staff while keeping our unending commitment to quality care and patient safety.”