September 2020

JCI Appoints New Vice President of International Accreditation, Quality Improvement and Safety

Dr. Joel Roos, MD, MBA, MHCDS, CPE is the Vice President of International Accreditation,Dr. Joel Roos, MD, MBA, MHCDS, CPE is the Vice President of International Accreditation, Quality Improvement and Safety for Joint Commission International. In this role, Dr. Roos is responsible for developing and leading the overall strategic direction of JCI’s accreditation and certification programs. Dr. Roos provides oversight in updating and developing new international accreditation standards and leads efforts to enhance the international accreditation process.

Throughout his career, Dr. Roos has been dedicated to improving patient safety and the quality of care for active military personnel and veterans across the country. Most recently, Dr. Roos was the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Quality, Safety and Value at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Washington, D.C. In this role, he provided national leadership in the development and implementation of health care policies and programs to improve patient safety and quality of care.

Evolving with care for patient safety.

JCI Celebrates World Patient Safety Day 2020

As part of World Patient Safety Day 2020, JCI offered a complimentary e-book Health Care Worker Safety Checklists: Protecting Those Who Serve.

This highly-regarded publication offers checklists for health care staff to keep themselves safe from chemical and physical hazards, infectious agents, workplace violence, ergonomic problems, work-related stress, and more. The book also includes managers’ checklists to ensure that the right administrative controls and processes are in place to safeguard health care staff. All checklists are based on authoritative, evidence-based sources that have proven valuable.

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Video: JCI President and CEO Paula Wilson addresses World Patient Safety Day

Video: JCI-accredited, The Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam, celebrates World Patient Safety Day 2020

Medication Management and Use (MMU) Standard Expectation: Required Elements of a Complete Order or Prescription

The reference for this clarification is from the Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for Hospitals, 7th Edition which was released on 1 April 2020 with an effective date of 1 January 2021.

Standard MMU.4.2 requires that the hospital identifies safe prescribing, ordering, and transcribing practices and defines the elements of a complete order or prescription. Measurable Element 2 of Standard MMU.4.2 states that “All orders and prescriptions contain the name of the drug, the dose, the frequency and route of administration, the indication for prescribing the medication, and the maximum dose.”

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Upcoming JCI Webinar: The Value of Accreditation

Join JCI experts, Francine Westergaard and Hector Tarraza, for a free webinar on 30 September 2020 to learn how JCI accreditation can help attract more patients and elevate your organization into the global elite.

During this session, they will discuss:

  • The benefits health care organizations gain from accreditation
  • Steps organizations should take to prepare for accreditation
  • What’s new in JCI accreditation
  • Real examples from JCI-accredited organizations

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