January 2020

COVID-19 Impact Assessment and Survey Process for Non-Hospital Settings

Joint Commission International (JCI) Standards for accreditation promote continuous, systematic, and organization-wide improvement in daily performance and in outcomes of patient care. It is JCI’s expectation that all healthcare organizations will maintain compliance with the JCI standards in such a way as to provide safe, quality patient care during the pandemic, but acknowledges that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on many healthcare organizations, healthcare workers, families, and communities. The real or potential impact of COVID-19 falls on a continuum, as some healthcare organizations have been drastically impacted by the virus while others have had little to no impact.

To help determine where a healthcare organization falls on the impact continuum, JCI has developed an Impact Assessment survey in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. The Team Leader will send the Impact Assessment form to the Survey Coordinator with a request to complete and return the Impact Assessment at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of the scheduled survey. The completed Impact Assessment provides an objective measurement in the form of a numerical score, indicating no, low, moderate, or high impact.

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JCI Education Offers Two Online Programs

Free Online 7th Edition Standards Training

There’s still time to take advantages of JCI’s free online 7th edition training.

With JCI’s new standards manual taking effect 1 January 2021, now is the time to review the changes so you’re prepared for an upcoming survey.

In the past, organizations relied on JCI Education’s face-to-face Accreditation Update to convey the standards changes, but with the outbreak of COVID-19, our education team has created a brand new learning experience!

JCI Education released a virtual 3-part Accreditation Update, presented entirely online for FREE. This training integrates JCI expert faculty insights, detailed information on the standards that changed from the 6th edition, and the impact of these changes on an upcoming accreditation survey. The self-paced training series focuses on applying the standards.

This curriculum is designed for Hospitals and Academic Medical Centers already accredited by JCI and those that are looking to become accredited by JCI.

 Learn more about this training and enroll today!Learn more about this training and enroll today!

Questions About 7th Edition Changes

Part 3 of the Accreditation Update includes a 1-hour webinar that covers Frequently Asked Questions about the 7th Edition changes. You’ll also find a PDF list of additional questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question there, please be sure to submit your question to our Standards Interpretation Group (SIG) for clear and accurate information.

Contact JCI’s Standards Interpretation Group (SIG)Contact JCI’s Standards Interpretation Group (SIG)

Preparing for JCI Accreditation

For organizations considering or preparing for accreditation, JCI Education offers its Accreditation Preparation Online (APO) program. This 12-course curriculum is filled with engaging, media-rich resources to help you build your team’s skills and competencies, identify compliance gaps, implement improvements, and prepare for survey.

The course is presented with reader-friendly content in short, easy-to-understand sections. The training modules utilize multiple learning formats and are individually-paced. Learners will discover ample course reviews and self-assessments.

Developed by JCI accreditation experts, this indispensable on-demand set of courses includes proven content to help your organization improve quality and patient safety as you move toward your survey.

Complimentary Issue of The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety®

The Joint Commission has a monthly peer reviewed journal dedicated to providing health care professionals around the world with the information they need to promote quality and safety. Directed by an international editorial advisory board and published by Elsevier, the world’s leading health sciences publisher, The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety® provides authoritative, trusted expertise. The Journal may be the resource you need to learn from your peers or it may be the perfect place to share your own success story.

Congratulations to All of the Recently Accredited, Reaccredited, and Certified JCI Organizations

Congratulations to all recently accredited and certified JCI organizations

*This list includes organizations who were accredited, reaccredited, and certified in December 2020.