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Get Reaccredited

JCI requires accredited organizations to become reaccredited every three years. However, once the initial accreditation is complete, the foundation is set and reaccreditation is a much simpler process. Track your key performance indicators and continue to improve these metrics. Stay current with the latest standards by checking JCI Direct Connect for the most recent accreditation manual and survey process guide.

Stay Informed

Keep yourself well-informed about new hospital standards with an accreditation update workshop designed for experienced accreditation professionals.

Get Certified

The JCI journey does not begin and end with accreditation.

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Visit JCI’s accreditation and certification secure client portal for the latest news and updates.

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Keep Improving With Our Targeted Solutions Tools

The Targeted Solutions Tool® (TST®) free online application is available to all JCI-accredited organizations. This collection of Targeted Solutions Tools was developed by the Joint Commission enterprise to help solve some of the industry's most persistent quality and safety problems. A step-by-step framework guides organizations like yours to accurately measure your performance, identify barriers, and customize proven solutions to solve your specific problems.