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JCInsight Newsletter

JCInsight 2015

July 2015

The Joint Commission’s Chief Executive Officer Highlights High Reliability Health Care in Japan

Mark-ChassinDuring the Japan Hospital Association’s (JHA’s) Annual Congress, The Joint Commission’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mark Chassin spoke at two separate sessions about Joint Commission International (JCI). During Dr. Chassin’s keynote address at the Congress, he outlined the path for hospitals striving to provide high reliability health care to patients. He also discussed the ways JCI standards and requirements set the stage for such an important journey. During a JCI leadership panel, representatives from various JCI-accredited hospitals shared how achieving JCI accreditation positively impacted their organizations, patients, and communities. 

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Slides from Dr. Chassin’s address demonstrating the high reliability functionality of Targeted Solutions Tools®

On June 19, Dr. Chassin also hosted a private luncheon for leadership from JCI-accredited organizations. The attendees included JHA President Dr. Tsuneo Saki and JHA Vice President Dr. Takao Aizawa of Aizawa Hospital.


Accreditation Participation Requirement APR.7

JCI accredited organizations now have more optionsfor complying with Accreditation Participation Requirement APR.7. Read this article for more on this important standard modification. 

Claudia_JorgensonJCI Accreditation Updates

“The JCI Accreditation Updates are a valuable opportunityfor accredited organizations to hear first-hand about the standards and the survey process. Examples from actual surveys are presented to help demonstrate how organizations show compliance. Organizations have opportunities to meet and ask questions of field and central office staff, as well as come together with other accredited organizations to share thoughts and ideas. I love being a part of these events because I get the opportunity to meet dedicated people who are helping to improve the quality and safety of health care worldwide.”             

Claudia Jorgenson, RN, MSN

Director of Standards Development

Click here to learn more about our upcoming Accreditation Update in Seoul, South Korea.


Meet Dr. Paul Chang

Dr. Paul Chang is JCI’s Vice President of Accreditation, Standards, and Measurement.  Learn about what drew Dr. Chang to health care and what motivates him in his work with Joint Commission International.

Safety Tip of the Month: Preserve the Evidence

TipofthemonthTo understand and learn from an error, it is critical to know exactly what occurred. Preserving the evidence is key. Immediate steps should be taken to secure materials that might be relevant to investigating the error, such as biological specimens, medications, medical equipment, medical records, and any other data or information source. It is critical to ensure that valuable evidence is not discarded during routine cleanup.