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JCInsight Newsletter

JCInsight 2015

June 2015

CEO Paula Wilson on How Hospitals Can Reach Zero Harm

Wilson-SquareOn May 21, Joint Commission International (JCI) CEO Paula Wilson spoke at "The Future Is Now: The Era of Mobile Health” in New York. Wilson spoke about sentinel events and three things hospitals must do in order to reach “zero harm,” which is the highest level of patient safety in an organization.

  • First, hospitals need to adopt a culture of safety. This means that hospital staff and physicians should be conscious of when things could go wrong, and then feel safe in reporting these potential events.
  • Second, hospitals need to embrace process improvement. Technology should be used to its fullest potential with systematic processes.
  • The third key to zero harm is the engagement of leadership. When hospital leaders make it clear that quality and safety are their top priorities, it sets an example for the rest of the organization.

Read more about Wilson’s speech in the article from Device Talk

JCI Consultant Discusses Safe Health Design in the Middle East


Building Healthcare Middle East took place last week in Dubai. At the conference, JCI Safe Health Design™ consultant Kathy Reno led a session about the phases of JCI’s building design and renovation advisory service. Reno also presented at JCI’s Dubai Invitational last week, an invitation-only educational event attended by 75 health care executives from the Middle East.

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The Joint Commission CEO to Give the Keynote Address at 65th Annual Japan Hospital Association Congress

Mark-ChassinThe Joint Commission President and CEO Dr. Mark Chassin will speak at the Annual Japan Hospital Association (JHA) Congress. His presentation will address the current state of patient safety in health care and what can be done to move more organizations towards high reliability.

Visit the JHA Congress event page
Watch our Facebook page for excerpts from this presentation

Know Where to Find JCI Experts This Summer

JCI-Event-CalendarVisit our events page for information on international events where you can find JCI experts this summer. Also, don’t miss our upcoming International Practicums in Seoul and Tokyo.

Patient Safety Tip of the Month

TipofthemonthAn expectation that individuals will not make mistakes prevents the discovery of the real causes of sentinel and adverse events. All analyses of unanticipated events should focus on systems that allowed the failures to occur. By moving beyond assigning blame to an individual, all of the underlying issues that allowed an error can be examined and effective risk-reduction strategies can be put in place.