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JCInsight Newsletter

JCInsight 2015

September 2016

Join JCI Experts in Prague, 17-19 October, for the last Foundations of Accreditation event of 2016




On August 25, Principal Consultant Judy Moomjian spoke at HIMSS Asia Pacific, co-presenting with Michelle Troseth, Chief Professional Practice Officer, Elsevier Clinical Solutions. They discussed   harnessing the power of clinical practice guidelines to deliver value in health care. 

Visit the JCI at booth Number 3 at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, in Singapore, 26-28 September. Also, see the JCI poster presentation “Safe Health Care Starts with Facility Design,” 27-28 September. Visit this event page to learn more.

JCI President and CEO Paula Wilson will moderate a session at ISQUA’s 33rd International Conference, 16-19 October in Tokyo, Japan. You can speak with JCI experts at booth numbers 10 and 12. Visit this event page to learn more.


Tip of the Month

To effectively reduce the risk of influenza and pneumococcal disease, do the following:

  •  Offer both flu and pneumococcus vaccines to older adult patients.
  • Review the medical record to ensure that the patient has been offered the vaccinations.
  • If the patient refuses the vaccinations, carefully explain the benefits of the vaccine and then accurately document refusal if the patient still refuses the vaccine.
  • If the patient is unsure whether he or she has received the vaccinations, administer the vaccines again (the World Health Organization and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found few data to support any significant increase in complications for patients who have been re-immunized).

In the case of an outbreak, a multidisciplinary plan should be in place. This includes addressing staffing needs and issues, supplies and equipment needs, isolation cases, and infection control practices.

For more information on reducing the risk of influenza and pneumococcal disease, use these resources: