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April 2017

6th Edition In-Depth: Emergency Preparedness in Response to the Presentation of Global Communicable Diseases

Each month the JCInsight newsletter highlights a section of the new 6th edition hospital standards. These articles provide a closer look at areas of concern for JCI-accredited hospitals and any health care organization focused on patient safety and quality improvement.

hospitalStandard PCI.8.2The hospital develops, implements, and tests an emergency management program to respond to the presentation of global communicable diseases.

The 5th edition of the JCI hospital standards included the requirement for hospitals to collect and evaluate data related to epidemiologically significant infections and required hospitals to prepare for disasters which included an infectious disease outbreak; however, the globalization of society has increased the likelihood of the rapid spread of communicable diseases from one country to another.

Hospitals need to be vigilant in preparing for the potential spread of diseases endemic to other regions. Standard PCI.8.2, a new standard developed for the 6th edition, addresses the need for hospitals to respond to the presentation of global communicable diseases.

The new standard requires hospitals to develop, implement, and test an emergency preparedness program to respond effectively to the presentation of global communicable diseases. It identifies five areas to be included in this program:

  • Communication with organizations participating in worldwide surveillance activities
  • Development and implementation of segregation and isolation strategies
  • Training, including demonstration, on the use of personal protective equipment appropriate to the type of infectious disease
  • Development and implementation of communication strategies
  • Identification and assignment of staff roles and responsibilities

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2017 Amsterdam Accreditation Update

FREE Online Influenza Course: Strategies for Improving Rapid Influenza Testing and Treatment in Ambulatory Settings (SIRAS)

SirasFlu season is occurring now in many places around the world. To help you combat this virus, Joint Commission International (JCI) is offering a free tool to JCI-accredited and non-accredited organizations. In collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The Joint Commission is hosting a free online self-paced course that aims to provide tools and resources to health care professionals for influenza preparedness.

This course offers 1) a flexible self-paced format, 2) access to resources including short, illustrative videos, documents, and web links, 3) two free continuing education credits (CEs). As a self-paced tool, you can start and stop as needed and manage your progress through the course.

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Looking for practical strategies to improve health care quality and safety?

Journal on Quality and Patient SafetyThe Joint Commission has a monthly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to providing health care professionals around the world with the information they need to promote quality and safety. Directed by an international editorial advisory board and now published by Elsevier, the world’s leading health sciences publisher, The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety provides authoritative, trusted expertise. The Journal may be the resource you need to learn from your peers or it may be the perfect place to share your own success story.

This insightful publication invites original manuscripts on the development, adaptation, or implementation of innovative thinking, strategies, and practices in improving quality and safety in health care. Case studies, program or project reports, reports of new methodologies or new applications of methodologies, research studies on the effectiveness of improvement interventions, and commentaries on issues and practices are all considered.

To learn more about subscribing to the Journal or to submit your improvement story, visit the Journal’s website You will find a wealth of information, including open access to all article abstracts.

Representatives of The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety will attend the upcoming International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, 26-28 April, in London. Executive Editor Steve Berman and Executive Director of Global Publishing Catherine Hinckley would be pleased to meet with anyone interested in submitting or reviewing articles for the Journal. Email to arrange a meeting in London.

Reminder to All JCI-Accredited Organizations

JCI_Accred_orgsEach JCI-accredited organization is required to undergo a triennial survey. This triennial survey should take place within a 45-day period before or after the organization’s accreditation expiry date. 

To ensure that adequate time is allowed to schedule and conduct this reaccreditation survey, we ask organizations to update your E-app approximately 9-12 months in advance of your preferred survey date.

If you are due for your reaccreditation survey within the next 12 months, we encourage you to begin updating your E-app now. If you have questions or need help accessing and entering information in E-app, please contact your JCIA Account Executive or email JCIA at

Remember: E-App is always open and available for you to enter updated information. If changes occur after your submission, we ask you to can make appropriate updates to ensure all information is accurate prior to the reaccreditation survey. After updates have been entered in E-app, proceed to Tab 6 and click on “Update” so that JCIA is notified of the changes.

Two Amsterdam Education Programs Featured in May

An Accreditation Update and the only Foundations of Accreditation on the 2017 education event schedule will take place next month.

The Amsterdam Accreditation Update (18-19 May) brings essentials of the 6th edition JCI hospital standards to Europe. This event is limited to currently accredited JCI health care organizations only.

JCI’s only Foundations of Accreditation this year will take place 15-17 May, also in Amsterdam. This event is intended for organizations who want to know more about JCI accreditation and the new 6th edition standards.

Space is limited for both events, so please register as soon as possible.

Correction: 6th Edition In-Depth March Article

If the results of screening indicate the outpatient is at risk for falls, interventions are implemented to reduce risk. In the outpatient setting, screening generally provides the information needed to identify appropriate fall-risk interventions. The organization may wish to perform an in-depth assessment following screening for specific outpatients or situations; however, it is up to the organization to make this determination and is not a requirement in IPSG.6.1.

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