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JCInsight Newsletter

JCInsight 2015

January 2016

White Paper

Read JCI’s New White Paper on Primary Source Verification 

Primary Source Verification of Health Care Professionals: A Risk Reduction Strategy for Patients and Health Care Organizations, a collaboration of JCI and Dataflow, examines the critical concept of primary source verification of health care professionals’ credentials. The white paper emphasizes how such verification meets JCI’s Staff Qualifications and Education (SQE) requirements. You can read the full, complimentary paper here (link). 

Miami PracticumJoin us in Miami, USA, 22-26 February 2016 

Prepare your organization for JCI accreditation with our most comprehensive educational program. International Practicums are designed to make accreditation preparation as simple as possible by explaining JCI’s methods and standards, while also highlighting the best practices and processes needed to achieve accreditation success.

Paula WilsonListen to CEO Paula Wilson discuss how high reliability in health care leads to innovationat the 7th Middle East Quality Management Conference, 27-28 January 2016. Her session will also address how standardization does not necessarily inhibit these crucial improvements

Safety Tip of the Month



When you break it down, there are only a few basic steps in Process Improvement (PI) methodologies. These are usually repeated for any PI project to make sure improvements are being sustained:

  1. Measure: Collect valid, reliable data on a function or process—data about how the function/process is working. Such data typically becomes part of an internal database.

  2. Assess: Analyze collected data and translate information. The information is used to draw conclusions about performance, to identify improvement opportunities, and to set priorities for those improvement opportunities.

  3. Improve: Develop, test, and implement certain changes (interventions), either by redesigning an existing process or designing a new one. Define objectives for how the intervention will improve performance and how that improvement can be sustained.