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JCI products and services are based on international standards and regulations

Global Partners

Transforming patient care across the globe

JCI relies on its global partners to better understand and serve specific needs of various international regions. As a global citizen, JCI has formed accreditation and consulting alliances with respected organizations that share our mission of improving patient care and safety.    

about_440_aAs a result of JCI’s commitment to the highest patient care standards and results-oriented process improvement, it has earned the respect of health care leaders around the globe. That’s why the World Health Organization (WHO) partnered with JCI to establish the first WHO Collaborating Centre for Patient Safety Solutions. This partnership further advances patient safety through system design, product safety, and environment of care.

Accreditation Alliances

La Fundación para la Acreditación y Desarrollo Asistencial (FADA)

FADA is a nonprofit organization which promotes continued quality improvement in health care and social care organizations through the use of external assessment. Since 1996, FADA has worked with JCI to jointly provide accreditation service in Spain using JCI standards. This strategic alliance promotes the development of patient safety and performance improvement methods and techniques. JCI-FADA activities are jointly performed by American and Spanish health care professionals.

Consórcio Brasileiro de Acreditação (CBA)

CBA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of care in health care organizations throughout Brazil. To help fulfill its vision to become the champion in quality improvement excellence in Brazil, CBA has worked with JCI since 2000 to provide accreditation and certification services. CBA’s staff and surveyors are health care leaders and experts in medicine, nursing, management, quality improvement, and safety.

Consulting Alliance


Founded in 1987 by a group of university professors and experts in economics and public administration, Progea S.r.l. is a leading international consulting firm based in Italy. Its mission is to support change in public and private health care organizations through the pursuit of quality and efficiency, and to provide health care management and professionals with the tools and skills needed to achieve desired goals. Progea and JCI began their collaboration in 2001, enriching the availability of quality tools and resources JCI offers in the European health care arena. In addition, working with Progea has served to promote JCI methodology among hospital organizations in Italy.