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The JCI Advantage

Our practice is made up of facility management, engineering, safety and construction experts with years of hands-on health care experience in a variety of settings across the continuum of care.

We're exclusively focused on serving global health care providers and are dedicated to helping you create a safe, high-quality and operationally effective health care environment—for everyone from patients to staff. That means customizing solutions, so they're tailored to you and your unique needs.

When you work with us, you have access to a full range of health care experts who can help you and your staff identify and implement best practices across your system.

Our Facility Management and Safety Programs team can help you:

  • Assess existing building infrastructure for safety and JCI accreditation compliance
  • Design and maintain essential utility systems, such as ventilation and normal and emergency power and water systems
  • Identify and manage sensitive security areas
  • Identify and reduce hazards and risks
  • Maintain safe conditions
  • Manage medical equipment
  • Prepare for emergencies and disasters
  • Prevent accidents and injuries

By focusing on evidence-based guidelines and best practices, we help you reduce risks in your building infrastructure—in both new construction and renovated spaces—and run a safe and effective facility.

Benefits of JCI Facilities Management and Safety (FMS) Program

When you work with the JCI Facility Management and Safety Program, you receive:
  • A clear understanding of how the program can positively impact patient care
  • Defined processes for identifying and assessing risks, establishing proactive responses to risks and monitoring outcomes
  • Robust maintenance strategies that maximize operations, equipment longevity, and patient and staff safety
  • Staff training
  • Well-defined performance improvement project management tools
  • Written programs for monitoring and maintaining the building environment

Our Services

Our services go beyond JCI accreditation survey preparations. We can help you in the following areas:

We focus on assessing your current environment and provide evidence-based guidelines and best practices. This process includes:

  • Conducting a Building Assessment to identify gaps with the organization’s compliance to JCI’s Facility Management and Safety chapter
  • Performing a risk assessment and help prioritize areas of concern
  • Evaluating compliance with globally recognized standards as well as local and national standards related to building design, facilities management, and safety

We offer custom education courses virtually and in-person. Topics include:

  • A facility’s impact on infection prevention and control
  • Conducting risk assessments and action planning
  • Construction and renovation
  • Emergency management
  • Facility management and safety
  • Fire safety and building design
  • Hazardous materials and waste
  • Medical equipment management
  • Safety and security
  • Utility equipment management

We help you develop your organization’s emergency management program. This includes:

  • Analyzing your emergency response to an event and helping you identify strengths and weaknesses through exercises
  • Conducting emergency management-facilitated workshops to improve the emergency management program
  • Considering standard operating procedures and building capabilities and suggesting possible modifications that could be made during the activation of your emergency management program
  • Developing emergency exercises and helping facilitate them
  • Organizing an event or drill debriefing and providing change recommendations
  • Reviewing your organization’s emergency management risk assessment and helping prepare your Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA)

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Working with our team helps you understand the Facility Management and Safety standards in the JCI accreditation manual. We’ll also:

  • Assist after a JCI survey by helping complete the Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) process or resolve issues
  • Conduct building tours based on the Facility Management and Safety chapter and the JCI Survey Process Guide
  • Help develop and train new staff to understand the Facility Management and Safety Program

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This is an ongoing service we offer with regular touchpoints between you and the JCI Facility Management and Safety Program consultants to improve and maintain compliance. It includes:

  • Conducting quarterly calls with a JCI expert to monitor action plan progress and address barriers
  • Establishing an onsite or virtual facility visit schedule with the expert to help identify risk and create action plans
  • Working with the expert to address and resolve issues as they arise
  • Working with the expert to improve your Facility Management and Safety Program

Request More Information

We can help you identify and select the advisory services that will most benefit your organization and customize them to meet your unique needs. Ask us how. Our JCI experts are available and willing to help.

Construction Management and Safe Health Design

Our Construction Management and Safe Health Design experts can help you integrate safety into your next construction or renovation project—from the design phase to operations.

*The use of Joint Commission International (JCI) advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission International Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.