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Steps to JCI Accreditation

The pathway to accreditation outlines steps to help organizations like yours understand what JCI accreditation entails and how to begin the process. Each of the five stages is full of tips, resources, and best practices from JCI experts and accredited organization.
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Learning is the first stage of the accreditation process and enables organizations to familiarize themselves with JCI, the evidence-based standards and why over 1000 organizations have chosen JCI as their accreditation provider.
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Your preparation for JCI accreditation is largely about preparing for your initial JCI survey by making improvements. This typically takes 12-36 months and requires a commitment from your entire organization.
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Once you've put in all the work to prepare, then it's time to schedule your survey. During our evaluation, a team of JCI experts visit your organization and evaluate more than a thousand measurable elements.
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To make the best of your accreditation, continuously improving the health of your organization is critical. To do so, you should continue refining processes and implementing improvements.
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The JCI journey does not end with an accreditation award. JCI provides numerous valuable resources to help you sustain your continued compliance with quality and patient safety standards.
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