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Now more than ever, hospitals worldwide face the critical task of recruiting and retaining employees. Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation provides frontline staff with five key benefits:

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Professional Development

Joint Commission International provides frontline staff with the opportunity to increase their patient care IQ by learning the standards of care and how to apply them in their roles.
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Resume Building

Working at a JCI accredited hospital is a valuable experience that highlights the expertise and commitment of frontline staff, making it a noteworthy addition to their resumes as they gain more experience.

In addition to retaining current employees, accredited hospitals also have the advantage of attracting highly qualified professionals who take pride in being associated with an organization dedicated to excellence. The fact that healthcare professionals work for a hospital of such high standing adds weight to their credentials and enhances their professional reputation.

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Deeper Understanding of Patient Safety

Accreditation plays a crucial role in fostering an appreciation for patient safety and quality of care among staff, while also supporting their professional development in this field. By emphasizing the importance of the patient, frontline workers undergo a mindset shift, moving beyond the completion of specific tasks to prioritizing the overall outcome for the patient. This shift in thinking encourages a more integrated approach to healthcare, ensuring that patient well-being and positive outcomes remain at the forefront of their responsibilities.
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Drive Sustainable Improvements

JCI accreditation plays a significant role in fostering employee engagement by providing a meaningful framework for their work. The process of obtaining and maintaining accreditation requires the collective effort of all staff members, encouraging them to collaborate and develop solutions that can be implemented on a daily basis. As a result, staff members take ownership of their roles and responsibilities, knowing that their active participation contributes to the hospital's overall accreditation status. This increased sense of ownership fosters a culture of continuous improvement and accountability, leading to a higher level of engagement among employees.

Increased Sense of Pride

Accreditation goes beyond a mere survey result; it represents a continuous cultural shift towards patient safety. The Gold Seal of Approval signifies a substantial investment of time and resources by staff at all levels.

Working at an accredited hospital instills a sense of pride in employees, as they are part of an organization that aligns with their values of teamwork, collaboration, and competence in best practices. When staff members are proud of their work and the organization they belong to, they are more likely to stay engaged and actively participate in quality improvement efforts.

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