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JCI products and services are based on international standards and regulations

JCI’s website debuted to the public in August 2014 as a directory of JCI Gold Seal hospitals and health care organizations around the world.

Your health care organization is automatically listed on upon achievement of JCI Gold Seal status. Your organization can be listed on in your choice of two ways: Basic or Deluxe. Your automatic listing is a Basic Profile that includes brief information about your organization. 

JCI also offers a Deluxe Profile that highlights your organization in more detail for the thousands of patients who visit seeking safe, high-quality health care. The Deluxe Profile is available to each JCI-accredited hospital at no additional cost.


See below for examples of Deluxe Profiles promoting JCI-accredited organizations:

Clinica Internacional - Sede Lima, Peru

Aut Even Hospital, Ireland

How do you upgrade your profile from Basic to Deluxe?

Your organization’s JCI survey contact or marketing representative should click the button below to request a Deluxe profile.

You will then receive a link to a 20-minute survey. Once your organization’s representative has completed this survey, the JCI Marketing team will develop a Deluxe Profile page for your organization at no additional cost to you.

Request a Deluxe Profile


If your organization already has a Deluxe Profile on, feel free to contact with any questions, concerns, or updates to your page.