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Joint Commission International Resumes Accreditation Surveys

Monday, June 08 2020

(OAK BROOK, Illinois, USA – 08 June 2020) – Joint Commission International (JCI) has begun resuming accreditation surveys in June. JCI account executives are contacting health care organizations due for a 2020 survey to assess their current states and how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their operations. JCI is committed to working closely with organizations – with safety being the first and foremost priority.

Moving forward, JCI will be conducting most surveys as either: a virtual survey, which is conducted completely by video, with all  JCI surveyors remote from an organization; or by a hybrid survey, which is conducted with one or more JCI surveyors on-site at an organization, and the remainder of the JCI team remote and participating via video. Once COVID-19-related travel restrictions are lifted, full on-site surveys will resume, in addition to our virtual and hybrid service delivery methods.

JCI has proven experience and expertise conducting surveys using both virtual and hybrid approaches. Both survey types follow the same survey methodology and activities as the on-site survey and have proven to be as robust. All standards chapters and measurable elements of performance (EPs) are examined during virtual and hybrid surveys and full tracer activity is conducted.

Advantages to health care organizations participating in virtual and hybrid surveys include:

  • Reduced survey fees
  • Reduced surveyor travel expenses
  • Few or no travel restriction issues
  • Ample access to JCI’s expert surveyors, who are well-versed in the virtual and hybrid survey methodology
  • Interactive, engaging and informative survey experience while maintaining secure connections

JCI has been compiling resources to provide health care staff with the most pertinent information to best meet their needs as they battle COVID-19. Resources are available on JCI’s website. Questions regarding the resumption of surveys can be answered at .


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