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JCI Accreditation (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Gained CNCA Approval

Wednesday, October 30 2019

2019年9月30日, 质思安认证(北京)有限公司(以下简称: “质思安”)经中国国家认证认可监督管理委员会(以下简称:“认监委”)批准,获得在中国境内提供服务认证的资质,获批准的领域为卫生保健和社会福利。
On 30 September, 2019, JCI Accreditation (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (JCIA China) gained approval from Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), of being qualified to provide service certification by the sector of Health care and social welfare in mainland of China.

质思安是美国联合委员会资源公司(以下简称:“JCR”)在中国境内注册的外商独资公司, 通过下属的联合委员国际(以下简称:“JCI”)管理和运营,并且将是代表JCI在中国境内的唯一认证机构。质思安将继续秉承JCR和JCI的使命,严格遵循JCI的认证标准、要求及评审程序为中国医疗组织提供认证服务,并通过提供认证服务,持续提升和改善中国医疗服务的安全和质量。
JCIA China is a wholly owned foreign enterprise that invested by Joint Commission Resources (JCR), also is managed and operated by Joint Commission International (JCI) whom was a subsidiary of JCR. JCIA China would be the only certification organization in China representing JCI. Carrying forward the missions of JCR and JCI, sticking to the certification that follow the standards of JCI and complying with certification procedures, JCIA China will provide certification services to healthcare organizations in mainland of China, and continuously help them driving and improving healthcare quality and safety by the certification.

With the certification services that JCIA China will offer, we hope to contribute to the advancement of public health and quality and safety in healthcare by providing organizations with approaches to delivering care of higher safety, efficacy, quality, and value.

Appendix: CNCA Approval Certificate

JCI CNCA Approval CertificateJCI CNCA Approval Certificate


关于CNCA: 中国国家认证认可监督管理委员会(Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China,CNCA)受国家市场监督管理总局管理,是国务院授权的履行行政管理职能,统一管理、监督和综合协调全国认证认可工作的主管机构。

About CNCA:

CNCA, Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China, is managed by State Administration for Market Regulation, is authorized by the State Council to exercise administrative responsibilities of undertaking unified management, supervision and overall coordination of certification and accreditation activities across the country.


  • 一个可帮助医院提供安全和高质量医疗服务的系统框架;
  • 作为医疗组织建立一切重要管理职能和临床功能;
  • 以家庭为背景对患者的关注;
  • 结构、过程及结果标准的平衡;
  • 最佳的、可实现的和可衡量的预期。


About JCI Standards:

  • Represents a systemic framework that may help hospitals provide safe and quality care;
  • Serves as a reference for the organizational structure of all the essential administrative and clinical functions;
  • Focuses on patients along with their families;
  • Balances structural, process and outcome;
  • Outlines the best, achievable, and measurable expectations.

The JCI Standards are subject to triennial revision. The JCI Standards and the survey processes have been accredited by The International Society for Quality in Health Care.


  • 确保一个安全的环境以降低患者及医护人员的风险;
  • 为质量和患者安全提供可量化的基准;
  • 通过可靠的程序激发和论证不断的、可持续的改善;
  • 提高结果及患者满意度;
  • 提升效率;
  • 通过标准化医疗降低成本;
  • 使公众认知到认证医院的成就及追求卓越。

About JCI Certification:

  • Ensure a safe environment and reduce risks to patients and healthcare staff;
  • Serve as a measurable benchmark for quality and patient safety;
  • Drive and validate continuous and constant improvement with reliable procedures;
  • Advance outcome and patient satisfaction;
  • Raise efficiency;
  • Reduce cost with standardized care;
  • Promote public recognition to the achievement of the accredited organizations and their commitment to excellent care.

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