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We are pleased to introduce the newest and most convenient way to help your organization prepare for implementing the new 7th Edition Standards for Hospitals and Academic Medical Centers. Organizations preparing for reaccreditation have come to rely on JCI’s Accreditation Update education program to gain key information about what standards have changed and how those changes will impact a survey. Given the digital revolution and increased restrictions associated with travel, JCI has transformed the Accreditation Update program into an online curriculum.

This rich multi-media training integrates JCI expert faculty insights, detailed information on the standards that changed from the 6th edition, and the impact of these changes on an upcoming accreditation survey. The user experience is focused on applying the standards, while making it self-paced, easy-to-understand, and convenient to access anytime, anywhere.

The curriculum includes three key parts:

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Part 1: Overview of 30 key changes to the standards and measurable elements. The content includes details about the changes, application of the changes, and impact of the changes in an upcoming survey.
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Part 2: A series of videos from JCI expert faculty, who will share the importance of the changes, along with an overview of the new survey process tools.
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Part 3: Regional live webinars conducted by JCI expert faculty to address any questions that users have and to further clarify the new standards.

This training will be offered incrementally, starting with Part 1, enabling users to strengthen comprehension of the standards before moving to Part 2 and Part 3. Upon registration, users will be given access to Part 1 and Part 2 and will also receive updates on additional content as it is made available. While this curriculum can be accessed from any device, a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet is recommended, and Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

Click the link below to request login credentials. This curriculum is designed for Hospitals and Academic Medical Centers already accredited by JCI and those that are looking to become accredited by JCI.