Joint Commission International Standards for Ambulatory Care

Tuesday, May 22 2018

The 4th Edition of the Ambulatory Care Standards is planned for publication on 1 January 2019 with an effective date of 1 July 2019. As part of the development of a new edition of the standards manual, focus groups are conducted with participants from Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited health care organizations. The purpose of the focus groups is to offer customers an opportunity to provide feedback on the current set of standards and changes they would like to see in the upcoming revisions of the standards. Focus group participants are asked specific questions that are designed to encourage candid, open discussion of opinions with other participants. This method for obtaining feedback allows members of the group to interact and share ideas and perspectives with each other.

In March and April, several focus groups were conducted in United Arab Emirates and Brazil with the purpose of obtaining feedback on the JCI Standards for Ambulatory Care. Participants in these sessions were asked to provide feedback on various topics. Discussions began with a request for clarification on the types of services provided in ambulatory care settings and the extent of community involvement and integration.  Other topics included the following: 

  • Revising the standards related to supply chain management and handover communications;

  • Adding standards addressing antibiotic stewardship and global infections; 

  • Including new requirements for staff health and safety; 

  • Addressing issues associated with changes in information technology

  • Updating the International Patient Safety Goals as applicable to ambulatory care. 

Data gathered from focus groups will be merged with information from literature reviews, current industry standards, and practice recommendations to direct revisions on the standards.