Video Survey FAQs

The following questions and answers provide more information into JCI's Video Survey capabilities. Certain questions reference documentation included on the JCI Direct Connect portal. For questions on how to access the portal, email your Account Executive or the JCI Accreditation team.


The survey cost is dependent on whether it is a virtual or hybrid survey. The survey fee is reduced from fewer surveyor travel days and travel expenses.
JCI is cognizant of costs. As part of the video survey, JCI is not requiring organizations to make a significant investment in equipment. Organizations are not required to purchase new camera equipment and may use their existing technology or other devices. It may be helpful to reach out to your Public Relations/Marketing or IT departments because they might already have cameras and other equipment you can use. Note that other survey related expenses will be significantly decreased, such as flights, hotel, and incidentals.
If an organization has a hybrid survey, there are surveyor(s) on-site and the travel expenses will be charged per the usual.

Experience and Scheduling

Yes. JCI has posted the Video Survey Eligibility Checklist and Application, and a document entitled Video Survey Instructions for Organizations on JCI Direct Connect portal.
Yes, JCI has successfully completed initial accreditation surveys using the video methodology and has a demonstrated history for successfully completed video surveys since 2013.
The preparation time for onsite and video and hybrid surveys are the same, however, the mechanism for conducting the survey is different and more attention to technology will be required. The Survey Team will conduct pre-survey test calls to make sure the technology is working correctly. Please see the document titled Video Survey Instructions for Organizations that is available on the JCI Direct Connect portal.
Technological interruptions or challenges may happen. However, we will hold pre-survey test calls and provide recommendations to reduce issues and provide suggested solutions for troubleshooting. Note that working with translators and wearing required masks could slow the communication.

Survey Method

Yes, virtual and hybrid surveys will continue to be offered by JCI when warranted and for clients that are interested.
The survey team will make every effort to engage the organization and make the survey experience as similar to an on-site survey as possible. They will make make efforts to establish a partnership and rapport, and be accessible to the organization staff.
JCI has resumed surveys and scheduling based on the organization's due date (triennial survey) or requested date (initial survey). If you have specific questions about your upcoming survey, please contact your assigned JCI Account Executive who can assist you.
Yes, video surveys are scoped the same way as on-site surveys. The number of surveyors and length of a survey are the same.
Organizations can select which type of video survey they are interested in. JCI does have a criteria to determine if a hybrid can be done (person on-site) based on health, safety, and security guidelines. If there are travel restrictions or health/safety/security risks, no surveyors can be on-site and a video would be the best option. The JCI Account Executives and the Regional Office staff can work with facilities to decide which option best meets the organizations survey needs.

Standards and Health Care Setting

No, but we did create video survey process instructions to assist with the technological components of the survey, this document is available on the JCI Direct Connect portal.
No, outside of the video survey process requirements — the survey activities are the same regardless of the setting.
No, each accreditation program has an individualized agenda based on the standards and Survey Process Guide for that program.

Technology and Document Review

Yes, these are outlined in the Video Survey Eligibility Checklist and the Video Survey Instructions for Organizations.
One camera and microphone per surveyor.
Surveys are conducted in English. It may be helpful if the operator can speak English, but this is certainly not required. The translator can assist with providing guidance from the surveyor.
JCI does not have a preference but the organization might. The device should have a reliable camera with zoom. You could test both and see what works best for you. Explain that it holds the devices (camera, laptop, etc.) to be mobile around the organization. Reference the instructions sheet.
Please review the Video Survey Instructions for Organizations for more information about the key areas to test and the Survey Process Guide (i.e. all locations that will be surveyed).
Yes, organizations may choose to create their own SharePoint site to upload documentation to and share with the surveyor team. Please review the Video Survey Instructions for Organizations.
No, all of the required policies and documents that are required to be in English are listed in the Survey Process Guide.
Files can be uploaded as the following formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel (for tables), Adobe PDF, or JPG (if a scanned document).
JCI provides recommendations for naming and organizing files that are to be uploaded in the Video Survey Instructions for Organizations.
There are training links and resources included in the resources on the breakout room feature. Testing the breakout rooms will be part of the pre-survey test call with the surveyor team.
JCI is looking into considerations/alternatives for organizations that are unable to use Zoom. For more information, please contact your JCI Account Executive.

Privacy and Security

JCI uses a secure site: a password protected SharePoint site. Our IT security team has validated the security.

Survey Process

Yes, testing of the technology and other key items will be completed during the Pre-Survey Test Call that is part of the video survey process. Please review the Pre-Survey Test Call Agenda and Checklist on Direct Connect.
Your Team Leader/solo surveyor will communicate with the organization and send the agenda around four weeks prior to the survey.
Yes, the agenda will have time built in to debrief at the end of each survey day with the survey coordinator. This would be a good time to ask questions or get clarifications.
Yes, the surveyors will be working concurrently on the survey at the same time similar to an on-site.
The video survey follows the same agenda as an on-site survey. The Team Leader will work with the organization to consider technology, devices, and testing each location for connectivity.
JCI schedules video surveys in alignment with the organization's time zone and operating hours.
Each situation will be considered individually. Please contact your JCI Account Executive.
Yes, JCI is taking into account the impact of COVID-19 on organizations. Information will be shared through Direct Connect, JCI website, and JCInsight.
This is a determination by the organization and is indicated on the completed E-application prior to survey. The criteria for interpreters are outlined in the APRs.
There are not different requirements for Human Resources, this is the same as an on-site survey. Please review the Survey Process Guide.
Yes. Please review the observer guidelines in the contract and Video Survey Instructions for Organizations document.
If the medical record is electronic, the organization can use the 'Share Your Screen' feature in Zoom to display to the surveyors. For paper records, if de-identified you could scan and upload to the SharePoint site or use the camera to zoom onto the documentation.
Surveying contractors or outsourced services is not any different than the survey process that currently happens on-site, just done by video.
The number and types of tracers is the same for on-site and video surveys. Conducted in the same manner.
Yes, the survey activities and tracers (agenda) is the same as an on-site survey.
The time to receive the Survey Findings Report is the same as an on-site survey.
Yes, SAFER™ Matrix will be on the Survey Findings Report for all hospital and academic medical center surveys. It will be available for all other programs later in 2020.