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Practicum FAQs

The Practicum teaches everything you need to start on your accreditation or reaccreditation effort. This program explains what is necessary to achieve accreditation, and the patient safety and quality outcomes that it provides. The practicum can be a useful starting point for organizations considering accreditation and for those actively preparing. Many accredited organizations use the practicum to teach new staff about the accreditation process and standards.

JCI is happy to transfer registrations to another member of an organization. Unused registrations cannot be applied to other JCI programs or services.

Although each of our program agendas are different, the typical practicum takes place over four or five days and includes lectures from JCI experts, workshops explaining key improvement methods, and simulated tracers conducted within local hospitals.

Please send an email to the JCI Education mailbox.

JCI practicums are ideal for those new to the accreditation process and those who wish to prepare for reaccreditation. Whether you need to train a team to spearhead your accreditation/reaccreditation effort, or if you need to help a new staff member learn about the JCI standards and process, practicums are a great place to start.