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JCI products and services are based on international standards and regulations
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JCI Education Events

The Foundations of Accreditation, Practicum, and Accreditation Update are an important part of the accreditation journey. But, what’s the difference between them?

Foundations of International Accreditation

The Foundations of International Accreditation is a three-day program designed for:

  • A health care organization that is interested in exploring international accreditation with JCI
  • A health care organization seeking information on how international accreditation impacts operational excellence and patient care

This program explores the elements that make JCI the world’s leader in health care accreditation and explains how our standards and survey process help organizations all over the world improve the quality and safety of patient care.

JCI experts and leaders conduct small group workshops and informative lectures focused on how to structure the pursuit of accreditation and best practices for achieving accreditation. Our faculty present an overview of specific JCI standards, review JCI’s survey and evaluation methods, and examine how health care organizations can successfully address common quality improvement challenges.

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International Practicum on Accreditation and Quality Improvement

The International Practicum on Accreditation and Quality Improvement is a comprehensive program that is specifically designed for:

  • A health care organization considering accreditation or preparing for an initial survey
  • A health care professional who works in a JCI-accredited organization, but who has never experienced a JCI accreditation survey

Experienced faculty lead you through accreditation preparation by explaining JCI’s standards and the process to achieve compliance. Attend this five-day program to understand the tangible benefits of JCI accreditation and explore the staff, time, and cost commitment needed to achieve Gold Seal of Approval® success.

Through small-group workshops and lectures, attendees learn the JCI accreditation process, methodologies to evaluate compliance, quality improvement strategies, and tactics to meet the most challenging standards. JCI experts conduct simulated tracers in local hospitals to demonstrate the survey process.

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Advanced Tracer Training

Uncovering and correcting hidden patient safety problems before they harm patients is one of the most difficult tasks any health care organization faces. JCI’s Tracer Methodology has been helping organizations do just that all around the world.

Advanced Tracer Training is a comprehensive course designed to help you become proficient in the Tracer Methodology, which in turn will help your hospital achieve its highest level of quality.

Expert faculty will immerse you in a curriculum that will prepare you to:

  • Conduct all aspects of tracers in your own organization, from pre-planning, to execution, to improvement planning
  • Lead your organization by training others on the Tracer Methodology and conducting the most difficult tracers
  • Improve your organization’s performance in new and unexpected ways, by using tracers to uncover and correct hidden and persistent problems in your most critical systems

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International Accreditation Update

The International Accreditation Update is a program are especially designed for:

  • JCI-accredited organizations
  • Health care survey coordinators in JCI-accredited organizations who want to learn about the new 5th edition of JCI’s Accreditation Standards for Hospitals.

This program re-energizes your patient safety practices with a review JCI’s new and substantially changed standards. The two-day event helps accredited hospitals and clinics meet the ongoing challenges of compliance and gives them the knowledge and confidence required to manage a successful reaccreditation effort.

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