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Develop or Improve Your Quality Program

A well-defined quality improvement and management process incorporates significant and relevant quality measures. Such a process is vital for organizations seeking accreditation or certification and can lead to better patient outcomes.

How-To Workshops: 1, 3, or 5 Days

Our valuable foundation-building workshops focus on developing quality measures to help you achieve your continuous improvement goals.  Through this comprehensive program, you will:

  • Develop required JCI measures essential to your hospital’s quality and safety performance
  • Select and review appropriate measures from the JCI Library of Measures
  • Improve the accuracy of your data collection process
  • Ensure the validation of the data used for patient care improvement decisions
  • Increase your organization’s confidence in data-driven decision-making

academic_220_aThe on-site workshop can be scheduled as a one-day overview or a more extensive three- or five-day session, based on your needs. With the assistance of a JCI consultant, your staff will develop unique quality measures through a hands-on approach that establishes competencies to help you achieve short- and long-term goals.

If you are preparing for accreditation, this workshop will help you create a quality improvement program that is consistent with JCI standards. If you are not currently pursuing accreditation, these workshops will provide the structured approach necessary to achieve a wide variety of quality improvement goals.

A quality workshop can be conveniently and effectively combined with one of several other quality education programs such as the Policy Development and Management Workshop. If needed, off-site follow-up assistance on specific, related topics can also be arranged. Your JCI consultant will advise you on how your organization can get the most value from the workshop.


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