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JCI products and services are based on international standards and regulations

Advisory Services

JCI offers relevant, customized advisory services to help health care organizations improve quality and patient safety as well as get ready for JCI accreditation.*


Preparation support is also provided for Clinical Care Program Certification, now available in 15 areas of excellence. JCI advisors will work with your team to ensure that your specialty area conforms to guidelines and is ready for certification.

Your organization may also be interested in sponsoring one of JCI’s innovative diploma programs in Health Care Quality Management and Patient Safety as well as Infection Prevention and Control to enhance staff knowledge and skills.

Our advisors are trained in Robust Process ImprovementTM techniques that integrate change management tools and a blended Six Sigma approach. They know how to work with health care leaders and staff to make lasting changes.

We approach every engagement on a personal level, offering customized advice and responding to local challenges.

Advisory Services Fact Sheet


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*The use of Joint Commission International(JCI) advisory services is not necessary to obtain a JCI Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.