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"The High 5s Project is a wonderful example of leaders working together to achieve results across all cultures, countries, and health organizations. Protocols are being tested and we plan to share finalized results with the world community in 2015."

Anupam Dayal, MPH - JCI Project Director

JCI accreditation has motivated and assisted our organization in striving to deliver a service of patient-centered safety and quality excellence, placing Bon Secours at the forefront of modern health care and providing a secure footing into the future in the ever challenging delivery of quality private health care in Ireland."

Kieran McNamara - Manager, Health and Safety/Risk Management, Bon Secours Hospital Cork, Ireland

"JCI accreditation has been the best platform to standardize and improve the quality of care processes within our organization. It has helped us achieve our goal in creating a safe culture for both internal and external customers."

Dr. Abdulla Al Khayat - Chief Executive Officer

There are lots of accredited organizations in the world. However, many are large hospitals or public health organizations. Although we are a small organization, we want to meet JCI aacrediation standards. JCI focuses on the patient's safety and the quality of care. We have those same concerns. That's why we chose JCI.

JCI accreditation has helped our organization in many ways: infection control, patient and staff safety, education, motivation -- our team has become highly motivated through the accreditation process.

Wontak Cho, DDB

The experience and impact of JCI accreditation has been unique and important on the outcome of care. We are in a better position to assess our performance and look at areas that we need to improve continuously. We are proud of the improvement that we have achieved throughout our JCI journey in the last seven years."

Dr. Mohammed Al Olama

For us, selecting JCI as our accrediting body was an obvious choice. JCI remains the undisputed gold standard in international accreditation. The standards are frequently updated and are attuned to an international audience, which is very essential to us."

Rana M. Al Mandil, MD, MHA

"During a consultation, I help my clients by not only identifying the gaps in performance, but also using my expertise to provide direction and recommendations to improve performance. My RPI (Robust Performance Improvement) training allows me to work with hospitals to adopt effective and sustainable solutions to their challenges."

Jeannell Mansur, RPh, PharmD, FASHP, FSMSO - Practice Leader, Medication Safety, Joint Commission-Certified Yellow Belt, JCI

"Most organizations I know of have used some external help to prepare for accreditation. Their leaders feel that bringing in an accreditation, quality improvement, or process expert with an unbiased view of their organization is a smart long-term investment."

Bruce Frederick, RN, MN - Consultant, JCI

"Before this program, I tended to avoid quality issues because I was afraid they would constrain my practice of medicine. However, this program completely changed my thinking and by graduation I became a quality champion. Today, I am applying what I learned to improve performance at my hospital."

Primary Care Physician and 2012 QMPS Diploma Program Graduate, Saudi Arabia

"Preparing and undergoing the process of accreditation has significantly raised our level of interdisciplinary teamwork and mutual understanding, thereby benefiting our patients. We appreciate the fact that the goal of accreditation is to put all of the needs of the patients, including their right and safety, at the forefront of all efforts.”

Neurologisches Therapiezentrum, Kapfenburg, Austria
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