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Hand Hygiene Resource for JCI-accredited organizations

As part of our active partnership with JCI-accredited organizations, JCI offers an innovative way to improve hand hygiene practices and help reduce health care associated-infections (HAIs).

The Targeted Solutions Tool® (TST®) for Hand Hygiene is a complimentary online resource available to JCI-accredited hospitals and organizations where hand hygiene impacts patient care. Developed by the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare, the TST delivers a data-driven model for hand hygiene performance improvement within your organization.

Originally developed and tested by leading U.S. hospitals, use of the TST continues to grow with over 600,000 hand hygiene observations. Organizations at or beyond the improvement phase report an aggregate 50% improvement in hand hygiene. In 2012, an international pilot was conducted with dramatic results.

Hand Hygiene: Key to Infection Prevention

According to the World Health Organization, every year hundreds of millions of patients worldwide are affected by HAIs. These infections cause thousands of deaths and can results in huge financial losses, such as €7 billion in direct costs and 16 million extra hospital days in Europe.

Improving hand hygiene among health professionals is one of the most effective ways to prevent HAIs, improve patient care, and save billions in direct medical costs.