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JCI products and services are based on international standards and regulations

Pathway to Accreditation

consulting_quality_220aJCI accreditation is not an examination that is taken after great preparation and then forgotten until the next “test.” It is a journey in every sense of the term.  

Why make the JCI accreditation journey? The answer is simple: Value.

What is the value of accreditation?

Every year, hundreds of organizations apply for JCI accreditation to achieve the highest quality outcomes and patient-centered care. Accredited organizations receive The Gold Seal of Approval® recognition for meeting the highest quality and safety standards and enhance their status among patients within competitive markets.

What are the steps on the pathway to accreditation?

The eight steps to accreditation success:

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    Participate in JCI’s Introduction to Accreditation workshop

    Your JCI team offers a valuable one-and-a-half-day workshop to help you determine if accreditation is right for your organization. Receive a detailed overview of the process, how to prepare, and how to engage your team in the accreditation journey.

    View the schedule and register today.

    Or contact us to arrange a custom workshop for your organization.

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    Purchase manuals and guides

    If you do not already have the international accreditation standards and survey process guide specific to your setting, you may purchase them through this website. JCI accreditation manuals are available for ambulatory care, academic medical centers, clinical laboratory, home care, long term care, medical transport, and primary care centers.  JCI’s policies and procedures are posted free of charge on this website and can be downloaded for review anytime. Visit the "Get Accredited" program page appropriate for your organization to learn more.

    Review the JCI Accreditation Policies and Procedures.

    Purchase manuals and survey process guides.

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    Attend a practicum

    A comprehensive introduction to the JCI process. The five-day international practicum explains JCI’s methods and standards while highlighting the best practices and processes needed to achieve accreditation success. It also promotes survey success by inviting participants to observe a simulated JCI tracer in a local health care organization.

    View the schedule and register for the practicum.

    Stay informed via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

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    Register with E-App

    Get familiar with JCI Direct Connect. Now that you have a better understanding of accreditation, JCI wants to know you are interested in pursuing accreditation. Once you register in E-App, JCI’s electronic application tool, and complete the initial profile, you are entered into the JCI system as an applicant. Although E-App is an intuitive tool for most applicants, JCI’s customer service representatives can help you navigate the accreditation applicant process if you need assistance.

    Register with E-App.

    JCI Direct Connect is the official JCI accreditation and certification secure client portal and the place you can find E-App. JCI Direct Connect is an ongoing communication tool for connecting with JCI anytime you need us. It’s an exclusive service for JCI’s accredited and certified organizations, as well as its accreditation partners. Launched in April 2013, JCI Direct Connect is every organization’s gateway to JCI accreditation; the further you get in the accreditation journey, the more benefits you receive.

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    Establish your baseline

    Find out where you are and where you need to go. The first step as your organization prepares for accreditation is to establish your baseline–how your organization is performing now versus how a JCI-accredited organization needs to perform. Although it is not a required part of JCI accreditation preparation, you can take advantage of JCI advisory services for baseline assessments, policy and procedure development, pre-survey preparation, and mock surveys to assess your organization’s overall readiness.

    Consider the following:

    *The use of Joint Commission International(JCI) advisory services is not necessary to obtain a JCI Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.
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    Complete phase two of E-App

    All of the effort to date means you are ready to finish your E-App and schedule your on-site survey. At this step, the accreditation manager or other accreditation process leader involves leaders and staff in contributing by entering their department’s information into the E-App tool to finalize the application. Once this phase is completed, you will then secure a survey date with the assistance of our scheduling unit.

    Go to JCI Direct Connect.

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    Experience the survey

    Communicate to your team about what to expect in terms of content and number of days. Typically, a hospital accreditation survey lasts about five days and has three assigned surveyors. It’s a rigorous method and one that you have seriously prepared for. You are ready.

    If successful, you will receive the Gold Seal of Approval. Now, it’s time to celebrate your organization’s hard work. You deserve it!

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    Between surveys

    Now that you have worked so diligently to achieve the Gold Seal of Approval, you want to maintain it through ongoing compliance. JCI accreditation is a continuous journey and one that will ensure you never lose focus on what matters most–the highest level of quality and safety.

    Visit JCI Direct Connect frequently for ideas on how to best maintain compliance, to download marketing tools to promote your accreditation, and to otherwise stay in touch with JCI between surveys.

    Learn more about our global site for patients and the benefits of using JCI-accredited organizations.

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