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Design or Redesign a Safe Health Care Facility

For your next construction or renovation project, build in safety early on with Safe Health DesignTM expertise from JCI.

Our expert team collaborates with yours–architects, engineers, construction managers, clinical leaders, and staff–to ensure that decisions meet JCI standards, evidence-based design principles, and global best practices.  This comprehensive approach helps you to create physical environments that foster safety, quality, and operational effectiveness.

From start to finish, rely on Safe Health Design consultants as a cost-effective way to integrate Joint Commission knowledge into your built environment. Our team includes administrators, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and facility engineers with at least 20 years of experience in health care operations and patient-focused design trends.

A Safe Health Design team can engage at any stage of your project.

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Case Study


Replacement facility for urban multihospital system in the Middle East


Safe Health Design consultants were involved in all project phases including: design  review, process revisions for safety and efficiency, preparation for occupancy, and initiation of the JCI accreditation process.


Solutions covered a wide array of areas, including design of:

  • Disinfection system to meet standards for safe care and accreditation
  • Improved patient flow in obstetrics, NICU, ICU, emergency department, and surgery
  • Patient- and family-centered care elements to meet the hospital’s strategic goals
  • Bariatric care to meet special service needs
  • Processes to reduce inefficiencies
  • Simulation model for pre-occupancy testing
  • Quality planning materials for accreditation


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